Hotels in Planegg

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Planegg Details

Planegg is a fantastic ski resort, right in the deepest part of Bavaria. When you come to Planegg you should really go skiing, it is very much part of the culture here. Or you can take the chairlift up to the top of the mountain and just be amazed at the scenery and how the town looks from so high up. Better still you could even attempt to climb the mountain, so that you exert yourself a little. Or if that seems like too much effort on your part, then you can just go to the Ski Museum: yes skiing really is in the blood of Planegg!But accommodation is often at a premium, so just use’s booking process to take you through all your requirements in terms of a hotel room and then you can just relax, since all your accommodation needs will have been catered for, with minimum effort on your part.