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      Regensburg is a city of over 130,000, located at the merging of the Regen and Danube rivers and just west of the Bavarian Forest. When spending a weekend, Regensburg visitors will enjoy the citys many interesting sights such as the German Gothic Dom, founded in 1275 and not completed until 1634 and its beautiful 1869 towers. The interior houses numerous magnificent monuments. provides visitors with a choice of options for hotels in Regensburg and Regensburg cheap hotels for the budget conscious. There are Regensburg hotels, including the many discount hotels Regensburg has available, that overlooks the beautiful townscape.No visit to Regensburg would be complete without seeing the twelfth century, 310-meter long Stone Bridge over the Danube, which provides a spectacular view of Regensburg. The Bismarckplatz, with its wonderfully proportioned interior, is a thirteenth century Gothic Dominican Church in the Spartan style of the mendicant religious order