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      Steinerne Bridge Details

      The bridges in the lovely European countries are some of the worlds nicest. One of the best countries in Europe to see these bridges is Germany. Germany is the home of a great number of magnificent bridges. The bridge located in the city of Regensburg is one of the most interesting. The name of the bridge in Regensburg is the Steinerne Bridge.The Steinerne Bridge is a bridge in the medieval style which goes across the River Danube. This lovely bridge is one of the main reasons people come to the city of Regensburg to visit. The city of Regensburg is a perfect spot to take your next vacation. The city is also nice to just stop into when passing trough; although if you are just passing through you definitely should see the bridge. The sights to see in Regensburg and the things to do are almost endless, so while in the city you will never find yourself bored.

      Address: 93059 Regensburg, Germany