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      If Germany is known for anything among tourists, it must certainly be the vast number of museums that cover the countryside. It is easy for any visitor who in interested in doing so to get intimate firsthand looks at Germanys rich and vast history and cultural heritage. However, even among this huge selection, the Georg Schafer Museum in Schweinfurt stands out, ranking highly among the greatest museums in all the world.The building itself is considered to be one of the pieces on display in the museum; it is a masterwork that was designed by one of Berlins most famous architects, Volker Staab. Inside, however, the museum truly shines. It carries a permanent collection of over 1000 works of art, spanning the countrys long and complex history. All eras and schools of art are represented here, with exhibits featuring traditional fine art, sculpture, and many others. The works of the painter Menzel, and the astonishing sculptures of Friedrich are but a few of the attractions that await the visitor at Schweinfurts Georg Schafer Museum.

      Address: Brückenstrae 20, 97421 Schweinfurt, Germany

      Phone: +49 9721 51920

      Open hours: 10:00 am 5:00 pm