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      Burgerspital Hospice Details

      The Burgerspital Hospice in Wurzburg is an interesting little attraction that may just appeal to many tourists with its combination of history and modern culture. Like most buildings in Wurzburg, the Burgerspital Hospice is fairly old, dating back to the 14th century, when it was originally established as a center to offer free health care to those who could not afford it otherwise, such as the elderly. As such, it is also of historical interest as one of the first examples of this kind of charity not run by the Church.Today, the Burgerspital Hospice still follows its original premise and functions as a rest home for the elderly. It is considered to be the best available in the city. Still an independent enterprise, the Hospice is entirely self-sufficient and earns its own operating capital by means of selling wine made from grapes which are grown right on the premises. Those who visit the hospice are welcome to sample these wines (which the residents enjoy for free!) in an attached tavern which also generates revenue for the hospice.