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      Wurzburg Cathedral Details

      Also known as the Church of St. Kilian, the Wurzburg Cathedral is an excellent place to visit for the Germany tourist who wants to take in those attractions that will offer him or her a sense of the countrys unique culture and history. As the fourth largest cathedral in Germany, it also stands as something of an architectural marvel to be admired on those merits as well. All in all, an excellent place to visit.The Wurzburg Cathedral sports two massive towers and a basilica with three naves that absolutely dominate the Wurzburg skyline. In the middle of town, you cant help but notice this structure; outside, it still stands tall and commands attention. Inside the Cathedral itself are also many things worth taking note of, such as a chapel built by renowned architect Balthasar Neumann, as well as the tombs of many prominent bishops from ages past. As a traveler in Germany, the Wutzburg Cathedral is well worth your time and interest.

      Address: Domstrae 43, 97070 Würzburg, Germany

      Phone: +49 931 38662800

      Opened: 1075