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      Marienkapelle Church Details

      Although Wurzburg is full of many churches and Cathedrals such as the imposing and ancient Wurzburg Cathedral of St. Kilian and the incredibly unique Neumunster Church, tourists would be well served not to overlook the relatively humble but equally worthwhile Marienkapelle Church. The Marienkapelle is a small chapel but is among the oldest structures in the city, dating back to the 14th century and is an impressive example of Gothic architecture.Even for those whove seen the sites of the other attractions in Wurzburg, there are several wonderful things on display at Marienkapelle Church. These include a magnificent depiction of the Annuniciation, worked into the northern gate of the church. It is considered a masterwork in its own right and visitors are encouraged to spend some time with it, taking in all the little details that show German realism at its best. Likewise, the Churchs southern gate has two very impressive sculptural works on display, showing Adam and Eve.

      Address: Marktplatz, Marienplatz, 97070 Würzburg, Germany