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Germany is the proud home of many of the worlds finest museums, and the city of Berlin is where many of these great museums happen to be located. Berlin is definitely one of the best cities in all of Germany and is the place you should stay next time you are going to Germany on vacation. The Natural History Museum that is located in Berlin is one of the very best Natural History Museums in the entire world.This building is in the Baroque style and dates back from the years 1185-1899. This very beautiful building was extended to its current size in the year 1917, after the Second World War. This amazingly large museum is home to twenty five million objects. This museum has so many exhibits that you will need to plan to take an all day tour if not a several day tour when you go there.

Address: Invalidenstrae 43, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 20938591

Open hours: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm