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Eichwalde Details

While the town is relatively new (it was established in 1893) the culture and history of the region are more than enough to please those who find a budget Eichwalde hotel. One of the key attractions is the firestation that has been converted into a place of cultural focus, with exhibitions, concerts and much more. Let help you find a hotel in Eichwalde so that you can enjoy such remarkable treasures as the pipe organ built in 1908, a Parabrahm that is the last of its kind. Travelers to the Brandenburg-Eichwalde area often make a point to see the high school in the town’s center, as well as the neo-Roman Catholic church and the neo-Gothic Protestant/Lutheran church. Eichwalde’s interesting water tower is also a drawing card for this community.Because the town is located near the great city of Berlin and the historic location of Potsdam, an Eichwalde hotel is a perfect place to set up a base and venture out to experience some of the great locations in world history. But many visitors to Brandenburg and Eichwalde are pleasantly surprised to find this region also has a beautiful landscape, with natural areas preserved for the enjoyment of all.