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      For visitors spending weeks or only a weekend, Potsdam will charm them with its beautiful setting of lakes, woodland, gardens, and palaces. The rulers of Prussia former residence, they built Postdam up as a former military state. When staying in Potsdam hotels or Potsdam cheap hotels, guests will enjoy learning about its fascinating history. It takes no effort to find the first class hotels in the city, the discount hotels Potsdam has available or ones overlooking the picturesque countryside by using over four generations, the Sanssouci Park has magnificent gardens, works of art, and various buildings. Dating back to 1745-47, the Sanssouci Palace is a Rococo single story building with two circular rooms, one at each end and a Grand courtyard surrounded by Corinthian columns. Between the years 1737-42, Dutch craftsmen and J. Boumann the Elder built 134 uniform style brick houses in the famous Dutch Quarter.