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      Strictly speaking, the dual city-state of Bremen is not actually part of Germany per se, but actually its own kingdom, like San Marino within Italy. It has a busy and unique port on the Weser River that is home to the immensely popular Schlachte Embankment – home to about a million beer gardens. For those who visit on the weekend, Bremen has enough leisure activities to make it difficult to choose. The nearby North Sea port of Bremerhaven makes up the other half of the area. Hotels in Bremen vary widely in their level of accommodation, though all are neat and clean in this city of nearly half a million people. Fortunately, since there is such diversity in Bremen, cheap hotels are often easy to find, even in the high season.The city also home to the Mercedes Benz manufacturing plant, that offers tours and a museum. However, despite having several fascinating museums, the most popular tours are those given at the Beck's and St. Pauli Girl breweries, both located in town. Bremen hotels are located throughout the city and on the coast. Budget travellers can enjoy any of the several discount hotels Bremen has to choose from. On-line reservation services offered by can help you find deals and not have to worry about where you'll stay when you get there.