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      Becks Brewery Details

      There are many lovely cities in the country of Germany that make wonderful spots to take your next vacation. If you are a fan of beer you have no doubt heard of the Becks Brewery. This amazing brewery is located in city of Bremen and has been there and in regular operation since the year of 1873. This very famous brewery is one of the most visited in all of Germany. The Becks Brewery is the place the town of Bremen is most famous for.The Brewery offers tours which will give you a very up close and informative experience that will not only teach you all about how the beer is made there, but it also has a portion of the tour that involves samples. This fun and exciting tour is sure to keep you having fun the whole time. After thin very fun tour have a meal at the Becks café.

      Address: Am Deich 18-19, 28199 Bremen, State of Bremen, Germany

      Phone: +49 421-5094-5555