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      There are so many lovely houses that are located throughout all the fine cities in Germany it may be difficult sometimes to choose which to visit first. The city in Germany known by the name of Bremen is one of the best choices for which place to stay on your next German vacation. However after you decide that Bremen is the perfect choice of which city to visit you must then choose which if its amazing sights to see while there.The very best choice of which sight to see while in Bremen is the Roselius Haus, which happens to be a gabled house dating way back from the sixteenth century. This beautiful constructed house is also a museum that is a display of early Renaissance Art as well as late Renaissance Art. This amazing house is full of stunning and very beautiful paintings and other items from that period.

      Address: Böttcherstrae GmbH, Böttcherstrae 6-10, 28195 Bremen, Germany

      Phone: +49 421 3365077