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      Germany has long been known for having some of the nicest buildings in all of the world; many of the fine buildings located in Germany are Cathedrals. The Cathedrals located throughout all of its fine cities are so beautiful from the outside you do not even need to leave go inside to experience how lovely they are. There is a very beautiful cathedral in the city of Bremen that is called St. Peters Cathedral.The St. Peters Cathedral is a building with lovely architecture in the Gothic style, although its interior is mostly of the Renaissance style. This fine church was built way back in the 11th century, with much of the additions being put on in the 13th century. This very lovely cathedral is not only beautiful on the inside and out, but it is also the perfect spot to see an amazing view of the city by climbing up the tower.

      Address: Sandstrae 10-12, 28195 Bremen, Germany

      Phone: +49 421 365040