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      Statue of Roland Details

      In the year of 1804 there was an amazing structure erected in the lovely city of Bremen, which is located in Germany. This fine structure is called the Statue of Roland, and it is remembrance of the man named Roland who founded the great city. Roland was the nephew of Charlemagne. The statue is of Roland holding the sword of Justice. This beautiful statue is the nicest one on the entire city, and it also gives you a little glimpse of the man who founded such a great city.The Statue of Roland stands outside the town hall there and serves to remind everyone there what a wonderful and freedom loving man started their city. Bremen is one of the best cities in Germany to go on vacation because it has so many great sights to see and buildings to visit. Be quite sure to go to Bremen on your next visit to Germany.

      Address: Am Markt, 28195 Bremen, German