Hotels in Hamburg-Neugraben Railway Station

        Hamburg-Neugraben Railway Station Details

        When you are considering going on a vacation to the lovely city of Hamburg in Germany it is a good idea to go there by the railway system. There is a particularly great railway station on the southwestern border of Hamburg known by the name Hamburg-Neugraben Railway Station. This station serves Neugraben as well as Hamburg and is a lovely station to go into when going to visit the city.The Hamburg Neugraben Railway Station is one of the nicest rail way stations in the entire area of the city. Taking the railway to get around the cities in Germany is a lovely way to see all the beautiful scenery you may miss if you go by other means. The city of Hamburg is a perfect city in which to take your next vacation and is full of wonderful things to do and splendid places to see. Even if you fly into the city directly be sure to visit this lovely station.

        Address: Hannoversche Strae 85, 21079 Hamburg, Germany

        Code: DB: 2520

        Phone: +49 40 41920442

        Open hours: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm