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        Germany is the location of many great sights to see and fun exciting things to do. The cities in Germany have so many lovely museums, theaters, parks, as well as towers, that it is sometimes difficult to decide what to see first. The city of Hamburg is one of the best cities for seeing the sights of Germany while also experiencing all the fun things the country has to do. The city is has a wonderful attraction to the city called the Hamburg Fersenhturm or the Hamburg TV Tower.The Hamburg TV Tower is the single tallest building in the entire city of Hamburg. Having been completed in the year 1968 it is sort of a young building compared to some of the other buildings in the city; however it is certainly not lacking in beauty. This huge tower is an astounding 280 meters tall reaching way up into the sky.

        Address: Lagerstrae 2, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

        Phone: +49 40 30051300