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The charming, mid-sized town of Alsfeld is located in the very heart of modern Germany on the Schwalm River. It was settled as early as the 9th century, with buildings in the largely intact centre of town surrounded by a defensive wall. The wider rural area is surrounded by forests, so there are plenty of woodworking shops in town. Youll also find the trademark wooden-framed houses of the 14th century in the towns central district. In fact, Alsfeld is known for conservation of the nearby landscape and historical buildings. The tourists office is located in the Alsfelds historic central square. Nearby attractions include the extinct volcanoes near the suburb of Romrod and Kurhessischer Golf Club in Oberaula. Accommodations, including hotels in Alsfeld, are generally reasonable. For those who seek discount hotels, Alsfeld has several in the more modern parts of town. However, when visiting Alsfeld, hotels are found on the towns main Altstadt, or main square, as well as the rural setting of suburban and out-lying areas. If spending the weekend, Alsfeld has a large, local farmers market with fresh flowers and produce. In Alsfeld, cheap hotels are found on the outskirts of the central historical area. Go to to learn more.