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    Germany is known not only for its amazing foods and numerous castles but it is also known for its amazing examples of natural beauty that are located throughout the beautiful country. The town of Bad Homburg is home to some of the nicest examples of natural beauty in all of Gemany. There are parks and gardens all over the city that you must visit while there on vacation. One of the best gardens in the whole city is the Kurpark gardens.The gardens of Kurpark are expansive and cover over 44 acres of land, and include some of the most beautiful local and exotic plants in the world. These wonderful gardens are a must see and a place you definitely should stop while on your next trip to Germany. Make your next vacation a trip to the great city of Bad Homburg which is located in the lovely country of Gemany.

    Address: Parkstrasse, 65183 Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany