Hotels in Bad Nauheim

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    Located in the central German region of Hesse, Bad Nauheim is a relatively new conference and medical spa treatment town that caters to visitors. Hotels in Bad Nauheim tend to be rather expensive, but there are deals to be found. Using a service like makes it a lot easier to find lodging on a busy weekend. Bad Nauheim is also known as a site of great natural beauty, with the massive Hoch-Taunus Naturepark nearby. Because of the plethora of important events that regularly use the facilities, the area is often very busy, with a fun and varied nightlife.The Bad Nauheim hotels in the old town neighbourhood have the advantage of being either in or near some impressive old architecture or gardens (or both in the case of the public Rose Museum of Bad Nauheim). Cheap hotels, therefore, are a must for the great many people who come for the medical treatments. The nearby countryside is actually a great place to find weekly deals at discount hotels. Bad Nauheim has a place and treatment for every taste and budget.