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    There are many museums located throughout Germany and they all give you much information regarding the citys history, which the museum is located in. The cities are all have quite rich and very interesting histories. The city of Bad Wildungen is the location of numerous museums that give you an abundance of information on the different times in the city. There is a museum there called Quellenmuseum, which is a very interesting museum about the use of water for health reasons and to maintain well being.The Quellenmuseum is located within a great spa in which you can relax and enjoy the healing waters that the museum explains about to you when seeing all of its exhibits. The exhibits explain to you all the uses and ways water is used as a healing agent and to aid in keeping people healthy. The history of the uses of water is explained as well as some scientific explanations behind using water for the aid of health.

    Address: Gieener Str. 18-30, 61118 Bad Vilbel, Germany