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      Hotels in Darmstadt, Germany, give vacationers a chance to tour this ancient city in the heart of Hesse. This city has served as a population center since the 11th century, but has an official founding date of 1330. It is noted for its unusual ties to Industrial Age literature courtesy of its very own Frankenstein Castle. Discount hotels in Darmstadt are centrally located to enable visitors to see the many attractions that make stays here attractive.At the citys center, holidaymakers will find the ducal palace of Darmstadt. This towering structure was once the home of the counts of Hesse- Darmstadt. The current structure was given an updated look in the 18th century. The counts of Hesse- Darmstadt also once owned the castle that sits above the city. Named Frankenstein, this structure is thought to have given legendary author Mary Shelley the naming inspiration for her famous work. In addition to the palace and castle, visitors to Darmstadt can also take in such sights as the botanical garden and the Darmstadt University of Technology.