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Eschborn gets a lot of attention since it is a suburb of Frankfurt, Germany. Located in the district of Hesse, Eschborn is fortunate to have the Taunus mountain range as a backdrop. The view is excellent, and visitors will feel as if they are in the German countryside while in some parts of Eschborn. There are large areas that are as of yet undeveloped, and the ambiance in these locations is that of a rural area. Visitors to Eschborn and the surrounding areas will find several attractions that are well worth the time spent to visit them. The PalmenGarten, or the Tropical and Botanical Gardens is a very large outdoor and indoor garden that looks as if it is a park. Beautiful fountains and statues are scattered throughout the park. There are plants featured in this botanical garden that you never dreamed you would see growing in Germany.The Alte Oper, also known as the Old Opera House, is another attraction you will want to see. This structure was first built in the 1800s. Fire destroyed it in 1944, but it was not renovated until the 1980s. After some disagreement, it was agreed to reconstruct the building as much like the original as possible. It is definitely a well done imitation. Restaurants abound in Eschborn and the surrounding areas. You can enjoy just about every cuisine imaginable in a lovely setting. Finding a hotel in Eschborn will be much easier when you let help you to locate a discount hotel that will save you both time and money.