Hotels in Eschwege

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Eschwege Details

The next time you are looking for hotels in Eschwege, try looking at the discount hotels. Eschwege has a lot of great offers at the weekend. Eschwege is also quite inexpensive when compared to other cities in Germany. You can find a lot of Eschwege hotels here on Another thing you may be looking for in Eschwege, cheap hotels, are also quite plentiful and easy to findThe best time to visit Eschwege is during the annual Johannisfest, which is a four day music festival that attracts thousands of visitors every summer. Fine examples of Hesse architecture can be seen in the old town hall, and the Eschweger schloss tower. Try to visit the tower at the turn of the hour so that you can see the Dietmann, the towns symbol, coming out of the clock tower and blowing his horn. A quiet trip around the old town is a great way to see these sights