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    Germany has a large number of skyscrapers located all throughout its numerous cities. One of the greatest and best of these skyscrapers is called the Main Tower which happens to be located in one of the best cities in Germany to go on vacation; the city is called Frankfurt am Main. This city has so many towers and tall buildings however the Main Tower is one of the largest standing at an astounding 200 meters tall.The Main Tower in Frankfurt is the perfect location to get a fantastic view of the city and some beautiful nearby mountains. The tower is also home to a very fine restaurant. When you are in the city of Frankfurt am Main on vacation, seeing all the sights of Germany, be absolutely sure to go and visit the Main Tower and eat at its fine restaurant known for the fantastic food it serves.

    Address: Neue Mainzer Strae 52-58, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Phone: +49 69 36504878

    Opened: January 28, 2000