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The next time you are in Hesse for a weekend, Geisenheim, Rheingau is a good place for you to check out. The town is a little bit small to spend an entire weekend there but it does make a nice excursion for a couple of hours. The Cathedral in Geisenheim, Rheingau is very pretty and there are plenty of nice bars and cafes to while away a few hours. As for the hotels in Geisenheim, Rheingau, there are plenty to choose from and you will see why Geisenheim, Rheingau hotels have become so popular with visitors to this region. Even if they are planning on spending time in other cities, if they want discount hotels, Geisenheim, Rheingau is the place to go and there are a great many Geisenheim, Rheingau cheap hotels to choose from. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then why not check out what is available at