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The town of Gieen, Germany is the capital of the district and administrative region of the same name. Gieen sits in the state of Hessen and has about 70,000 inhabitants, approximately one third of which are university students. As a university town there are numerous choices for budget hotels in Gieen, which can be found an booked without taking too much time, on Even if you are not visiting the town for the school you will still enjoy exploring the historic town. It is divided into eastern and western sections by the Lahn River and you can find discount hotels in Gieen on both banks.The University of Gieen has been a fixture in the town since it was first founded in 1607. However, the town is much older than the university. It was created by Count Wilhelm von Gleiberg when he built a castle there in 1152. Unfortunately, about 75% of the town was destroyed during WWII bombing raids. Happily, the Botanisher Garden Gieen, Germanys oldest botanical garden, survived the bombing. It has been in the same place since 1609. Other attractions include the Alte Freidhof (old cemetery) and the Liebig Museum.