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Hadamar Details

The town of Hadamar lies amid lush green fields about 7km north of Limburg in the Hesse region of Germany. Hadamar can easily be reached by road or railway. Use to locate hotels in Hadamar or find discount hotels in Limburg or one of the neighboring villages. The town is known for its many architecturally stunning buildings, and also for a dark period in its history. The Hadamar Memorial at the Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry/Centre for Social Psychiatry commemorates the murders of over 14,000 mentally or physically handicapped people during the Nazi era. The clinic was used as a “killing center” where the SS sent many victims to the gas chamber.Less gruesome sights include old stone bridges over the river Elbbach and a number of architecturally interesting buildings. These include the 17th-century wood frame town hall, a Renaissance palace, and a number of stunning churches decorated in the famous “Hadamar Baroque” style.