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    Brothers Grimm Museum Details

    Anyone familiar with the brothers Grimm and their amazing fairytales will definitely need to make the stop into the city of Kassel and see the lovely museum dedicated to the brothers. The Brothers Grimm lived in Kassel between the years of 1798 and 1830. This amazing museum known in German as Brüder Grimm Museum is truly a great sight for children and adults alike. The Brothers Grimm Museum is full of their book and tells about their life and works.The museum holds most of their works in first addition form and is just a wonderful place to go on vacation. This great museum was first opened in the year 1960 and it explains how the brothers were raised in Germany, their inspiration for all the wonderful stories and just all about their lives in General. The Brothers Grimm Museum is definitely a must stop museum when in the city of Kassel.

    Address: Schoene Aussicht 2, 34117 Kassel, Hesse, Germany