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      Lower Saxony is the second largest state in Germany, in terms of area. On the north, it borders the Northern Sea; the western part of this coastline is called East Frisia, belonging to the historical coastal region of Frisia. Some of the important Lower Saxony attractions are the East Frisian Islands, seven small islands off the coast of Frisia; indeed, they are important for tourism in Lower Saxony because of their marvelous sandy beaches. There are also a number of rivers and lakes in Lower Saxony which offer tourists the possibility of participating in water sports during an exhilarating weekend in Lower Saxony. Things to do in Lower Saxony also involve visiting cultural and historical monuments. Indeed, in Lower Saxony, culture is a very important part of society. The state contains over 600 museums, including the revolutionary Erlebniswelt Renaissance theme park, which allows visitors to actually experience first hand what it was like to live in the Renaissance. Other Lower Saxony sights not to miss are the Bevern Castle, last estate of Staius von Münchhausen, the Celle Castle, dating to the 13th century, and the Fürstenberg Castle, which houses a porcelain museum. When visiting Lower Saxony, make sure you take a walk or a bike ride along the Niedersachsen Mill Route, which takes you through the Lower Saxony countryside to view the characteristic mills in the area.