Hotels in Adelsdorf

Adelsdorf Details

Budget hotels in Adelsdorf are the perfect location for tourists to enjoy all that Lower Saxony has to offer. While in Adelsdorf, visitors can tour Saint Stephen, a Romanesque church with a famous three barrel vault from the 15th century where weekly religious services continue to be held. Nearby, visitors will find the amazing Adelsdorf Castle. Construction on the castle was originally started around 1100, but has since been destroyed and rebuilt many times. The current structure is open for tourists who will want to see Andrews Cross. The discount hotels in Adelsdorf are situated near one of Lower Saxonys most unique tourist destinations, the Basement Rocks. This site originated in the 18th century and has been continuously used for the storage of cool beer since that time. Tours of the Basement Rocks are available on a daily basis. In addition to the Basement Rocks, visitors must spend time at the Heimatmuseum which opened in 1997. This museum honors the local industries and features plows, potato harvesters, and much more.