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Bad Laer is both a German city and a health resort nestled in the lovely Teutoburg Forest, and located in the Osnabruck district of Lower Saxony. Well known for its thermal salt-water baths, the Bad Laer spa draws devotees from around the world. When not enjoying the soothing H²0, visitors to Bad Laer will want to take in as much of nature as possible, for this is a beautiful and green area. There are cheap hotels in Bad Laer that are clean and comfortable, and will provide everyone with a stay that is memorable.When not spending time in one of the fine salt-water spas in Bad Laer, visitors to the area may want to indulge in some cycling, Nordic walking, swimming, hiking, or other active sports that are all popular in and around the area. There are also several cultural attractions in Bad Laer, such as the Laerschen Museum and the Cemetery Castle. This castle was actually a ring of houses that encircled the Church of Bad Laer, creating what looked like a wall. The area was once called the Spieker Castle. Several discount hotels in Bad Laer are suitable for those who are looking for quality and value. can help those who plan to come to Bad Laer find the perfect accommodations.