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Lower Saxony in Germany is home to a lovely town known as Bad Pyrmont. It is a medium sized town, situated on the Emmer River. Bad Pyrmont has been a spa resort ever since the 17th century, and it is a popular one still. A unique cave here is called a Vapor Cave. Vapors of carbon dioxide rise up from the earth, creating a spa essence that people use for a number of different reasons. You can find cheap hotels in Bad Pyrmont that are close to the selection of spas in this area, making their use very convenient for the traveler.The mineral water from this area is so good that it is bottled and sold all through northern Germany. There are other interesting aspects of visiting Bad Pyrmont besides the delight of the spas and massage therapy the city is known for. Weser Park is a grand place to spend an afternoon, with a wonderful palm garden and other verdant joys of Nature. There are quite a few country clubs here as well. Bad Pyrmont also has the Bathildis Clinic and Hospital, popular with adults, especially seniors, from all over north Germany. There are discount hotels in Bad Pyrmont that are within walking distance of the clinic and hospital as well as other attractions, which you can find in no time on