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If you want a vacation spot where you will have everything you need for pure relaxation, or if you are a sports maven, then Bad Sachsa is the place for you. The view of the southern Harz mountains will greet you each morning when you leave your hotel as you prepare for a day of energetic activity or peaceful lounging. Bad Sachsa has been known as a health resort since 1905, and people still come here for the various spa and wellness amenities. You can also enjoy Harz National Park and the other lovely natural surroundings in this rural town, as Bad Sachsa is also known as a nature lover's dream come true. As for sports, you'll find mountain biking, hiking paths, mountain climbing, and Nordic skiing as well as alpine skiing, ice skating, tennis, squash, and a huge water park to provide a variety of activities. There are also museums, art galleries, concerts, and other sightseeing activities in Bad Sachsa that you may choose to enjoy.Dining in Bad Sachsa is a real treat. Enjoy regional cuisine prepared from local ingredients as well as the hearty German beers known around the world for their quality and taste. Restaurants are abundant, and even the budget hotels usually have an excellent selection of dishes for you to select from. If you are planning a trip to Bad Sachsa, make it a point to book your accommodations well ahead of time. can help you to locate discount hotels that can save you a bundle while you are visiting Germany.