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Hotels in Bispingen, Germany, provide tourists with an incredible opportunity to take in the natural and historic attractions that make this city in Lower Saxony an international destination. Although it has less than 7,000 inhabitants, Bispingen has a number of draws that pack in vacationers.Situated on the banks of the Luhe river near Hamburg, Bispingen is home to the Solden Snow Dome. This unusual attraction provides indoor skiing and snowboarding no matter the weather outdoors. This center is considered a major regional attraction, as is Dat old Huus Wilsede, which is one of Germanys oldest open air museums. Discount hotels in Bispingen are centrally located to give visitors ample opportunity to take in this citys many sights. In addition to the snow dome and the museum, the city is also home to Kart Centre, which is owned by famed race car driver Ralf Schumacher; the Bronze Age burial ground at Volkwardingen and Old Church, which dates to the 1300s.