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      Visitors to the mid-sized city of Braunschweig in central Germany have a plethora of choices when looking for things to do for an afternoon or a whole weekend. Braunschweig itself dates back about a thousand years, with the oldest in tact buildings dating back to the 12th century. There are, in fact, several squares (Burgplatz) and sectors (Magni Quarter) in the city that have been preserved in their glory and now serve as a popular place for locals and tourists alike to shop and relax. Several Braunschweig hotels are located in historical buildings, though just a short distance away from the older town there are plenty of more modern and discount hotels. Braunschweig is home to a new and comprehensive museum that was once the Ducal Palace. Thought he building was heavily damaged in World War Two and demolished in the 1960s, the city kept a few pieces and nearly 50 years later, rebuilt it as a public and touristic site that now houses the Palace Museum and new shops. Hotels in Braunschweig are found throughout the city and cover all tastes and budgets. Even in some of the nicer areas of Braunschweig, cheap hotels are available, even in the high season. On-line services such as can be invaluable when planning a vacation to any of the picturesque cities of Lower Saxony.