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        St. Andreas Church Details

        Germany has many lovely towns to stay in while you are on vacation there. The best of these cities to stay in is the city of Braunschweig. When seeing the sights of Braunschweig you definitely must stop by the St. Andreas Church. This lovely old church, which is now restored after being destroyed in World War 2, was built way back in the year of 1230. This famous church is known best for its tower on the south end of the church; this tower is huge at an amazing ninety three meters tall.This beautiful church has an amazing building with lovely architecture that you will have to see in person to truly appreciate. This church is in the Gothic style and is a stunning sight to see. The St. Andreas Church is the parish church for the newer part of town, and is a popular spot to see for tourists because of its very beautiful building.

        Address: Andreasplatz 5, 31134 Hildesheim, Germany

        Phone: +49 5121 12434