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Butjadingen, Germany is on the Butjadingen peninsula in the Wesermarsh district, in the Lower Saxony region of the country. The city is on the German North Sea coast and because of this location; it is an important port for the region. The Jade River runs on the west and southwest of the city. The Weser River runs along the eastern border. Not many call this location home, as the city has a population of about 6500 people. Still, the city has become an important tourism region of the country. Finding cheap hotels in Butjadingen, Germany is possible without hassle if you use to the city will find numerous tourist attractions in Butjadingen, including ruins dating back to the medieval times. Several villages dot the landscape, including Eckwarden, Tossen and Burhave. Visitors also come to enjoy the water, either at one of the rivers or the sea itself. To stay in any of these locations, find discount hotels in Butjadingen, Germany.