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      State Opera House Details

      There are many amazing places to go and visit while in Germany on your next vacation. Germany is home to some of the best theaters, concert halls and opera houses in the entirety of Europe. One of the cities in Germany that has the best of these places to visit is the city of Hanover. Hanover is home to the State Opera House which is one of the nicest buildings in the whole city.The building of the State Opera House is in the Neo Classical style and was built in the years from 1847 through 1852. The building was built a man named George Ludwig Friedrich Laves. This Opera House put on shows regularly and is one of the greatest places to go in the city. Making an entire night of it is easy if you stop on your way there in any of the numerous fine local restaurants.

      Address: Opernplatz 1, 30159 Hannover, Germany