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Lower Saxony has a long history of mining. If you register in a hotel in Langelsheim, you can visit the town’s old mine. The Lower Saxony Mining Museum takes you through a silver mine. Ride in an old mining train along the old tunnels. There are exhibits and artifacts. From here, you can visit the interactive Heritage Museum. It, too, features displays on mining. It also has handicrafts and other relics from the Lower Saxony region. This helps you to learn about the local culture.Langelsheim is more than mining. It has wide pastures and rolling hills. If you stay overnight in a Langelsheim hotel, you can spend the next day in the nearby Harz National Park. Alternatively, you can admire the Erzverhüttug. It was expanded during the 16th century. From any of the hotels in Langelsheim, you can also visit the parish church of St. Andreas or the Brewery Museum. Wander along the Innerste River. Enjoy a leisurely stay by booking a comfortable discount Langelsheim hotel through