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        The old Episcopal city of Osnabrück is located in the Hase valley and framed by the Teutoburg Forest and hills of the Wiehengebirge. It is a new university town and busy industrial and commercial city linked with the Mittelland Canal by a branch canal. For visitors spending a week or weekend, Osnabrück has many interesting places to enjoy such as the Osnabrück Zoo with over eighteen hundred animals. Osnabrück hotels including the Osnabrück cheap hotels provide visitors with amenities to make their stay enjoyable. There are hotels in Osnabrück available for people traveling on a budget. makes it easy to locate both the luxury and the discount hotels Osnabrück has available.The thirteenth-fifteenth century St. Marys Church is spectacular, with its fourteenth century C. Triumphal Cross group, 1520 beautiful winged altar and under the ambulatory, the tomb of Justus Möser. Visitors to Osnabrück will enjoy a day spent at the Museum of Cultural History with its spectacular display of art, history, and folk traditions.