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Soltau is an ancient community in Lower Saxony. It sits in the centre of the breathtaking natural wonder – the Lünenburg Heath. Travelers may spend a night or two in Soltau hotels to wander these magnificent moors. Others prefer to enjoy the amusing rides, lush gardens and amazing shows of Heide Park Soltau. Ride a Mississippi Steamer or a water chute. This is fine family entertainment. It is also very popular in Northern Germany. Be sure to book a Soltau hotel far in advance. will help you locate from several great family discount Soltau hotels, the right one for your vacation.For those of you who prefer architecture, Soltau has several examples of early Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Holy Ghost Church dates from the 14th century. St. John’s Church, originally 1365, was rebuilt in 1760-1780 and 1908. The Hetimathaus is the town’s museum. It covers the history of both the rural and urban life of the region. There are even artifacts from the nearby POW camp. For those young-at-heart, there is the Toy Museum at the Town Hall. Here, you can find Teddy Bears, dolls, steel and wooden toys and magic lantern devices. It is a great way to end your inner child’s day before heading back for a nap in a rustic Soltau hotel.