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Wangerooge Details

Wangerooge is a city in the district of Lower Saxony in Germany. It is also one of 32 islands, namely the East Frisian Islands that are located in the North Sea. Wangerooge is one of the smallest populated islands of the group. Tourists come to the island of Wangerooge to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the variety of sport and hobby activities available, and the calm ambience that envelopes everything. No cars are allowed on this island, so visitors must come here via ship ferry or plane. There is also a Wangerooge Island Railway that will hook up the waterfront with the main village. There are discount hotels in Wangerooge that reflect the charm of this island, and are easy on your budget, too.There are several historical sites on Wangerooge. Many of the old buildings on the island were lost forever when the island continued shifting into the sea over time. Sea defenses have been put up to prevent this. The Western Tower was built during 1597, and was once on the eastern side of Wangerooge. There are also two lighthouses on the island. Windsurfing, kite surfing, just plain surfing, and other water sports prevail in Wangerooge. The cheap hotels in Wangerooge are well appointed, comfortable, and very welcoming. The listings at make selecting your accommodations a breeze.