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Wilhelmshaven is home to buildings and history which date back to as early as 1383 – such as the Sibetsburg castle. If that is not reason enough alone to visit the town, then what about Aquarium Wilhelmshaven which exhibits marine life from the local North Sea. On top of this, tourists are blessed to be able to visit the amazing Emperor Wilhelm Bridge, which crosses part of the Jadebusen. Finally, The Küstenmuseum is a coast museum, where visitors can immerse themselves in history and facts they’d never get to experience can aid with finding that perfect Wilhelmshaven hotel to flatter your stay in the city. While the town is relatively large in comparison to other smaller German cities, finding accommodation is not always the simplest task. After all, we have better things to do on holiday than find the best Wilhelmshaven hotel deal – right removes this pain from your itinerary, leaving more time to enjoy the uniqueness of the city.