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      With a population of approximately 130,000 Wolfsburg was originally the Schloss on the Aller and two villages. During 1945 postwar reconstruction, it developed into one community. When spending a weekend, Wolfsburg will delight visitors with its wonderful attractions and Wolfsburg hotels. Wolfsburg cheap hotels and luxury hotels in Wolfsburg are easy to find using The Wolfsburg hotels and discount hotels Wolfsburg has provide visitors with a wide range of amenities to make their stay pleasant.Allerpark is located between the Mittelland Canal and Aller and has an ice-rink, bathing station, and both outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Visitors will enjoy a walk along the partly pedestrian main street in Wolfsburg with the beautiful Town Hall on the east side. Located within Wolfsburg Castle, the Municipal Art Gallery displays wonderful chronological order works of modern art from post-war times.