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Behnkendorf Details

In the northeastern corner of Germany, visitors will find the tiny town of Behnkendorf, with fewer than 500 residents, though will a very long history that dates back to the 14th century. In this very rural setting, you might expect very few Behnkendorf hotels, and youd be right for the most part. However, even when your budget calls for discount hotels, Behnkendorf has more than its fair share. Its location near a major road encourages people to slow down and act local. One way to do that is to stay on a farm in the local area and experience the best of agro tourism near the Baltic Sea.There are a few older buildings to see in town, but it mostly functions as a resting spot for motor tours. Nearby sights include the sights that one finds at the shore of the Baltic Sea, including the town of Stralsund and its gothic town square. Just across the bridge to Rügen Island, youll find the large natural park and preserve of the same name. Many people looking for hotels in Behnkendorf do so on a whim as theyre passing through. However, by planning ahead with such online booking services as, you can find the best deals in Behnkendorf. Cheap hotels often fill up fast, so its good to be prepared.