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Located in the middle Baltic Sea, one finds Germnay's largest island of Rugen, and the city of Bergen auf Rügen that serves as the capital of much of it. The city is at least a thousand years old, with standing buildings dating back to the 12th century. Indeed, many of the hotels in Bergen auf Rügen are located in historical buildings that are at least a few hundred years old. On-line services such as can help you make reservations with one of several discount hotels. Bergen auf Rügen has a population of nearly 15,000, making it a major population centre for the island.It is also the centre of the the unique health spa treatments found in the area that use chalk from the white cliffs of Bergen auf Rügen. Cheap hotels can be difficult to find near the spas, but there are plenty of opportunities to travel on a budget, even on the weekend. Bergen auf Rügen is also famous for fishing in the salt-water lakes called Bodden. Tourists who prefer more excitement may find the new Rugard Luge Track (summers only) their speed. Bergen auf Rügen hotels are well known for the relaxed and friendly staff who will be more than willing to help you plan a wonderful stay on the island.