Hotels in Schwerin Cathedral

Schwerin Cathedral Details

Germany is the location of many wonderful churches and cathedrals that are very popular among tourists as well as with the natives to the country. There is a cathedral located in the city of Schwerin called the Schwerin Cathedral, which was built back in the year 1172 through 1248. This lovely cathedral became a place where everyone would go to when they heard that Henry of Schwerin had brought to the cathedral what he claimed to be a drop of Christs blood way back in the year 1222.The most noticeable thing on the cathedral is the huge tower on top. If you climb to the top of the tower you can get some of the best views in the country so it is well worth the climb. Visitors can stay in the city of Schwerin because there are many lovely paces of lodging that have much room for guests in the city.

Address: Am Dom 4, 19055 Schwerin, Germany

Phone: +49 385 565014