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Usedom is both an island that lies between the German and Polish borders in the Baltic Sea and a town in the German portion of that island. The majority of the island is under German control. There have been people living there since the Stone Ages. You can get to Usedom via Federal Highway B110, which connects to Pinnow on the mainland, or via a small harbor on the Usedomer See. The town of Usedom has some interesting sights, such as the Anklamer Tor (Anklam Gate), the Marienkirche (St. Mary's Church), the Schloßberg (which has a memorial to the 1128 conversion to Christianity), the ruins of the Karnin-Zecherin lift bridge, and the old railway station, which houses the nature park center. You can also visit Wolgast, a city split between the island and the mainland, connected by a bridge over the river is the way to get the best possible deal on a great discount hotel in Usedom, so you can reserve the greater portion of your vacation for fun, food, and shopping. Usedom has almost 25 miles of beaches to enjoy, along with approximately 62 miles of bike trails and approximately 249 miles of hiking and walking trails. While on the island, you can visit Peenemunde, which is where the first rocket was made. The various cities on the island have interesting places to dine, from sea view restaurants to theatres and more.