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Wismar has a population of around 57,000 and is a Hanseatic League town located on the southern Baltic Sea. For visitors spending a weekend, Wismar will delight them with its unique townscape. There are several Wismar hotels including Wismar cheap hotels with panoramic views of the Old Town. Hotels in Wismar offer travelers conveniences to make their visit pleasant. is an easy, quick way to locate the discount hotels Wismar has available.The Wismar Market Place in the Old Towns center is huge and surrounded by magnificent buildings with north German gothic, fourteenth century and Romanesque, nineteenth century styles. The 1380 Alter Schwede is the oldest burghers house in Wismar and houses a restaurant since 1878. The front is charming with its pillars and gothic stepped gables. The 1580-62 Wismar water tower was used until 1897. It is Dutch renaissance style with twelve pillars holding a copper bell-shaped dome.